About Us

Michael Doucette – School Founder

I have been a police officer for forty years. I worked twenty-four years with the New Hampshire State Police as a road Trooper and patrol supervisor, all but three years in Grafton and Coos counties. I was a member of the State Police K-9 Unit for nine years. For eighteen of those NH State Police years, I taught emergency driving to the Troopers and police officers around New Hampshire and New England. For my last six years with the Division of State Police, I was the Commander of the department's Emergency Driving Program.

When I retired in 2004, I worked for the next twelve years both in New Hampshire and Florida teaching high speed off-road and tactical driving to the elite members of the United States and our allies military and government teams. If you have heard an acronym of an elite military or government team, it is highly likely that I have trained many of the team members in driving skills.

In 2016, I was asked by numerous local families to consider teaching driver education to the area teens as there were very limited options in our area. I took the required classes and lobbied the State of New Hampshire to change the rules to accept my thirty years of prior driving instruction experience to allow me to open a driving school.

Through my efforts, and those of others, new State rules were adopted in 2017 and I was able to open Precision Driving School. With my background and now several hundred satisfied students and parents later, I believe we are uniquely prepared to help make your teen a lifetime safe driver.


Michael Stevens – Instructor

I have been involved in Law Enforcement full-time since 1987. Today, I am a sergeant with the Lincoln Police Department and one of my duties there is the department's driving instructor. I have attended driving training courses to include spending time at the Team O'Neil Rally School. Along with your son/daughter, I too have received driver training from Mr. Doucette and look forward to passing on that knowledge to assist you in making your teen a safer driver.

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